UNIVERGE SV9300 Smart Communications for Medium-Sized Businesses

The UNIVERGE SV9300 Communications Server is a Unified Communications solution that is ideal for medium-sized businesses. The server is designed to help solve today’s communications challenges and is built with your migration path in mind, so you can easily scale as your business grows.

Advanced Features

  - Versatile architecture - works as an IP system, digital system or a
    combination of the two
  - Modular architecture for exceptional scalability – cost effective
    up to 2,048
  - One of the most easily configured Unified Communications
    systems on the market
  - User friendly management interface streamlines system
  - Easy migration from UNIVERGE SV8100 and SV8300


The UNIVERGE SV9300 offers

  - Distinct, scalable, IP Unified Communications enabled solution
    High reliability
  - Simplified user licensing structure
  - Comprehensive suite of Unified Communications and
    Contact Center solutions
  - Broad range of mobility applications and devices
  - Vertical market-specific solution integrations
  - Wide-range of end-points
  - Single point configuration and management
  - Multi-Line SIP client, multi-carrier suppor


Easy administration and maintenance

The SV9300 easily integrates with existing IT technology as a fully interoperable IP or digital system. The user-friendly management interface streamlines system administration, giving your IT department one personalized portal to administer the entire communications system. Voice, Unified Communications, and Voicemail will all be managed from one central location.

Unify your communications

NEC’s SV9300 UC suite of applications for medium-sized businesses gives you the communication tools you need to streamline communications and information delivery. With this powerful solution your information is centralized and messages unified, so your employees can efficiently manage day-to-day business and real-time communications easily.

With SV9300 UC, your employees retain ownership of their communications. They can set their schedule and their phone rings accordingly, or launch a meeting/customer service session and manage it directly from their desktop. SV9300 UC gives your employees exactly what they want, unencumbered communications tools that they control.

Invest in your organization’s future

Intelligent decision making starts with qualified information. The SV9300 comes with an extended 5-year warranty and future-proof technology that meets the demands of your multi-generational employees. NEC has the highest level of customer satisfaction among Unified Communication vendors, and also brings you an incredibly smart investment. Our Unified Communications platforms have been recognized by industry experts as having some of the lowest total costs of ownership on the market.