NEC Business Terminals


IP Desktop

NEC understands that to stay relevant the traditional desktop telephone must evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of today's workforce.

NEC's suite of IP desktop phones integrate easily into existing systems, offer flexible options that support a range of functions to improve employee performance and can be customized to specific communication requirements.


Digital Desktop

NEC's digital desktop phones are an attractive addition to any enterprise environment.
Sleek design combined with highly customizable and intuitive features easily allow employees to streamline how they work and communicate.

The use of universal prompt icons not only provides at-a-glance comprehension but makes user roll-out easy.


SIP Phones

NEC's SIP business phones provide deployment flexibility that puts customizable communications into the hands of end users with a choice of models and functionality options. LCD screens for easy viewing, programming soft keys, multi-language support and voice conferencing choices require little or no staff training to use.


Wireless DECT

With our mobile handsets and on-site phones,
employees no longer need to remain at their desk to respond to requests and to get their work done.

Regardless of where they are on-premises, employees have total control over how, when and where to be reached for improved responsiveness to colleagues and customers alike.