NEC's Softphone UNIVERGE SP350 integrates telephony into day-to-day business processes, allowing employees to communicate and communicate quickly. This versatile communication tool offers a wide range of high quality video, audio, voice and text features.

The SP350 Softphone is a multi-media IP phone installed on a PC or laptop. Through a USB-connected headset or handset, high quality sound is achieved. It can be used as a primary desktop phone, an additional desktop phone or as a teleworking device.


UC Desktop Suite

This scalable solution with comprehensive features makes communication management child's play and mobility a matter of course. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, the UC Desktop Suite increases employee mobility and efficiency.

With UC Desktop Suite, UC capabilities can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into your business. The variety of functions extends from the administration of all communication channels from the PC via CRM integration, attendance management and cooperation via softphone to the implementation of a holistic attendant console on the PC.



NEC’s Multiline Client (MLC) Mobile provides anywhere, anytime access by moving NEC’s desktop telephone functionality onto a user’s Android™ and Apple® mobile devices. It allows call response to be immediate, regardless of the user’s location. Emulating the intuitive interface of an NEC 32-button self-labeling phone display, MLC Mobile solves the business challenge of customers and colleagues being able to reach your mobile workforce. It gives your mobile workforce the visual displays and features needed to perform their job intelligently, while remaining connected.